LEED/sustainable design

FSC helps building owners balance the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit.

FSC embraces the green movement by creating designs that are environmentally – sustainable. Our objective is to help building owners reduce consumption of energy and water, minimize waste, and create healthy environments for their occupants.

Today, buildings can achieve various types of sustainable awards and certifications, with Energy Star and LEED being the most prominent. FSC will work with owners to determine which designation makes sense for their building from a financial, public relations, and feasibility perspective.

Energy Star is designed to measure a building’s performance, create energy benchmarks/goals, help monitor performance, and reward energy efficiency – top performing buildings qualify for the Energy Star Label.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system takes a much broader approach factoring in the economic, environmental and social issues present in the entire building process from concept, design, development and future operation.

The LBC (Living Building Challenge) is a building certification system that envisions and executes the highest level of sustainability. They strive to be the most rigorous in their area of emphasis.

Whichever sustainable option is chosen, our staff of engineers and USGBC LEED-accredited professionals will guide you through the process helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.

FSC offers the following services to achieve your goal of SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM LEED certification:

  • Help you choose a LEED rating system to suit the project
  • Help you prepare a scorecard and review the LEED prerequisites (assessing the possible credits the project might achieve to determine the feasibility of obtaining LEED certification)
  • Help you register your project with LEED on-line
  • Help you prepare your on-line application
  • Help you submit your application
  • Review the preliminary design credits
  • Review the final design credits (optional)
  • Review the preliminary construction phase credits
  • Review the final construction phase credits (optional)
  • Certification is the final step (CONGRATULATIONS!)

FSC offers the following services to achieve your Energy Star Label:

  • Prepare design documents as per Energy Star requirements
  • Use Energy Star Portfolio Manager to benchmark your building
  • Make improvements to your building and/or operations to improve your Energy Star score