fire protection services

At FSC, fire protection isn’t just a job, it’s a moral responsibility.

FireProtectionServices-3One of the most important characteristics of fire protection engineering is to understand the dynamics of fire in buildings and design an environment where the likelihood of a fire event is minimized while the protection of its people, contents and structure from fire damage is maximized.

Our fire protection engineers (NFPA members) will identify risk and design safeguards that will help prevent and control the effects of fires – ensuring that your structure and occupants are thoroughly protected.



Fire Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Designs — FSC develops systems that address not only code requirements, but also your specific needs. FSC has expertise in wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, foam and clean-agent fire suppression.

Fire Detection and Alarm System Designs — You can depend on FSC’s fire detection and alarm system designs to include mechanisms for (1) alerting building occupants to impending danger, (2) notifying authorities of emergency situation, and (3) activating building systems to contain smoke and fire.

Special Hazard System Designs — FSC is experienced at designing fire protection systems for facilities that pose even the highest risk for deflagration or detonation (i.e. cooling towers, aircraft hangars, conveyors and tank farms).

Design and Shop Drawings — FSC helps you expedite the construction process by providing a complete set of fire protection design drawings and specifications as part of the contract documents. We also provide shop drawings, which include hydraulic calculations and stock listings.

Inspection and Evaluation – Has your facility experienced a change in condition or a change in occupancy? FSC can help you determine whether your existing fire sprinkler and life-safety systems are suited to your current needs.

Master Plan — Acting as a consultant, FSC works with you to devise a fire protection plan to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your overall system.

Peer Reviews — FSC can give you peace of mind by reviewing any fire protection designs you are contem-plating for your facility. We act as a second set of eyes to make sure nothing is overlooked.

FSC also can sign and seal your designs serving as your Engineer of Record.

Conflict Resolution — It is reassuring to have a professional in your corner when you are trying to resolve a conflict. Acting as a third party, FSC will work with you and your attorney to resolve design and workmanship issues you might have with other firms.