code and life safety

You can rely on FSC to make the approval process as painless as possible.

Our code consultants are experts in navigating through the various editions of the International Building Code to help you decipher what is applicable to your project. The International Building Code serves as a five-hundred plus page legal document prescribing minimum construction and safety standards. Requirements are revised and added with each edition due to new information or loss of life.


The permit submittal process can be difficult and time-consuming when going through seemingly endless rounds of city comments before gaining an approved permit. FSC facilitates the approval process by giving our clients valuable feedback during the design phases and guidance that makes obtaining city approval easier. Through our years of work FSC has been able to establish strong and long-lasting relationships with not only local code officials, but also code officials who reside in other major cities and jurisdictions throughout the U.S.


Code Analysis – FSC applies code requirements in alternative and unique ways thus eliminating the need for numerous rounds of city comments – saving you time and money. As the design process progresses, FSC reviews your documents for compliance with building, fire and life-safety codes, and provides a report summarizing the requirements that preserves the architect’s vision and project budget.

Representing You with Code and Fire Officials – To eliminate costly redesign at the time of permit submittal, FSC can meet with code and fire officials to resolve construction issues early on in the design process on your behalf.

Code Modifications Requests (CMRs) – When issues arise that are not specifically-addressed in the building codes or meeting the prescriptive code requirements are not feasible, FSC can prepare a formal letter requesting modifications to code requirements helping you balance code intent and life safety with practical solutions.

Consulting– If all you need is a few questions answered or a second set of eyes, FSC can provide feedback and guidance as need on an hourly basis throughout the project.

Fire and Smoke Modeling – Using the Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) project developed by NIST, FSC can create a model to predict the effect of fire and smoke in different “What-If” scenarios.